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Learning Business Chinese Phrases is very important to master business Chinese. After we have done the research we found out that the following books are great choices that offer highly practical Business Chinese Phrases to help you improve your Business Chinese skills.

Business Chinese

It is as A Speedy Course of Business Chinese. With its' help you can do business easily with Chinese people. The development of Sino-foreign trade, language communication becomes more and more important with the globalization. This multimedia software can satisfy the needs of Chinese learners.

This set of teaching material is compiled by Chinese teaching experts. Applying the most advanced technology, it combines together words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. Learners can study while seeing, listening, speaking and writing. It provides a comprehensive and pleasant studying environment. Starting from phonetics, and progressing step by step, it fits beginners for self-study, especially for those engaged in business. It enables the learners to communicate in Chinese in a short period of time.

Chinese Business Vocabulary in a Hurry: a Brief Study Guide [Paperback]

To learn Chinese Business Vocabulary, this book offers you all the Chinese business terms you need in one compact volume. It is a concise, innovative guide for learning the basics of Chinese business vocabulary.

Features include: a Chinese-English memorization guide, organized by keyword and/or character / An English-Chinese glossary / Special sections on major corporations, global currencies, e-commerce terminology, and automotive related terms. Entries given in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin.

1880+ Chinese Business and Trade Phrases [Paperback]

This book offers a dynamic and thoughtful approach to learning Chinese through business and trade.

Providing a simple format of English, Hanyu Pinyin (Pronunciation) and Chinese Characters, this book provides a straight forward approach to learning business Chinese. Starting out with Meeting and Greeting in a business environment, 1880+ Chinese Business and Trade Phrases goes through a whole series of Chinese business and trade situations dealing with both speaking and writing.

The introduction is a review of the fundamentals of reading and writing Chinese. With each chapter you are introduced to situation based conversational Chinese, going into some subjects, such as making appointments, negotiation and complaints, contracts, banking, inspection, talking on the phone and much more. Covering many technical terms used in Business, this book in a valuable resource for anyone doing business in China or with China, or wishing to refine their Chinese language Skills. First revision completed in Jan 2010.

Business Chinese Phrases are solid foundation for you to master business Chinese!

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