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With the China's economics rising, China has more opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Having the Chinese language skills and Chinese cultural knowledge needed to make a good impression and decision is critical for you to close a business deal successfully.

After we have done the research, we found out that the following three Business Chinese books are excellent choices for you to learn business Chinese effectively.

Business Chinese

This book helps Chinese learners develop your competence in advanced Chinese in a business context. Rather than teaching Chinese language in isolation from substantive content, Business Chinese presents readers with both content and context. Exercises and tasks in the book require you to integrate your language skills with your content knowledge. To meet learners'practical communication needs, the book focuses on both oral and written Chinese language skills.

In order to keep Business Chinese learners abreast of the real business world, all texts and exercises in this book are drawn from authentic materials from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Business Chinese is the great, practical guide for those who want to master Chinese language and the Chinese business world!

Startup Business Chinese: An Introductory Course for Business Professionals (Chinese Edition) [Paperback]

This first level of a projected three-level series is geared to those who are learning Chinese specifically to do business in China. The business Chinese dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary are designed for beginners, but with an added emphasis on business communication: negotiating, socializing, establishing and maintaining good relationships. Extensive notes help with navigating cultural differences in business or daily life. Over 600 vocabulary words in Level 1 prepare learners to handle basic daily corporate interactions. As a companion to startup business chinese the exercises expand and force applicability to what's learned in the lessons.

This book, Startup Business Chinese is ideal for business professionals, business majors, travelers, and others doing business in or with China.

Advanced Business Chinese: Economy and Commerce in a Changing China and the Changing World [Paperback]

This is a business Chinese textbook for advanced learners of Chinese. Contemporary economic issues in China are addressed in depth in this book. The goal of each lesson is to help students develop their language skills in a dynamic and communicative context, understand economic trends and situations in modern China, and expand their critical-thinking abilities.

"Advanced Business Chinese" is organized into five thematic units: international trade, management and marketing, finance, the stock market and economic law. Each unit presents authentic reading materials, including case studies, along with pre-reading questions, glossaries with pinyin transliterations and English explanations, and varieties of exercises and activities. For the serious student with an interest in business and other professional spheres, the book offers diverse perspectives on economic issues in China, ranging from how China fits into the global economy to how economic matters affect the businesses and citizens of the nation.

In addition, "Advanced Business Chinese" stimulates thought and discussion on the big issues surrounding economic reform in China, international commerce, and global finance. Up-to-date and intelligently designed, this book is filled with useful Chinese cultural and professionally oriented information. Highly recommend!

Study the Business Chinese Books and improve your Chinese language skills and knowledge on Business Chinese now!

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