Study Mandarin Chinese Language

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How to study Mandarin Chinese language? Have you found the best way for you to learn efficiently and effectively? Many Chinese learners like Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast. Here are some Kids Chinese Podcast members said. “This is really easy and fun!So happy I found this website.” — Beth “I’ve just started on my… Read more »

Easy Chinese Characters – Application

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We have learned some easy Chinese characters in Chinese lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast. All the easy Chinese Characters are used very often in our daily life. To help you practice these easy Chinese characters, let’s do some English to Chinese translation exercises. 1. This article was written by xu-ying, she has been making a… Read more »

Study Chinese Language

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One of the best ways to study Chinese language is to read an interesting story written in Chinese language. 我爱学习 这是关于一个妈妈的真实故事。这位妈妈出生在中国边疆,风山雪地的天山角下。她从小踏风雪傲冰霜是个聪明能干勇敢的小姑娘。因为父母工作忙, 母亲又有病, 她除了上学, 还要操持家务, 照顾妹妹和弟弟。 由于她努力学习,也能坚持锻炼身体,各门功课都很优秀,是个发展很全面的好学生,运动会上还得过百米第一名。为了能考上国内一流大学, 她不满十三岁就一个人离家求学, 从西南独自乘火车到了冰天雪地的东北。她酷爱学习,不论环境多么艰苦,都没有影响她求学的决心。功夫不负有心人, 经过了两年多的奋斗, 她的数学, 物理, 化学等科目都打下了牢固的基础, 不论是哪个学校的模拟难题, 她都能做得出来。回到西南后,她成了班里最好的学生。她的爸爸妈妈为她找来外国的竞赛题, 她也能做得出来。由于一直坚持长跑锻炼,在高考前,她已经在体力,智力和毅力上成为很出色的高三学生了。在全国高考中, 她取得了好成绩,夺得了地区第一名, 大家都说她中了”状元”。 大学毕业后,她曾经作为工程师研制新产品,也曾为大学优秀教师积极贡献于教学和科研。她爱学习, 有强烈的求知愿望。怀着追求科学知识的理想同时也为了给孩子创造更好的求学条件,她克服了生活上的种种困难,踏上了日本和美国留学深造的路。她敬仰科学, 有着坚韧的性格, 怀着一颗为中国人争气的雄心, 使得她成为国际学术舞台上一名杰出的学者。 Do you understand the story above? Interested in learning Chinese? I highly suggest… Read more »

Qigong For Health – 有利于健康的气功

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Qigong,气功, helps you become healthier and happier, and enjoy more in life! Start learning qigong,气功, and practicing qigong exercise today, you will nourish the quality of your life. What is Qigong, 气功? Qigong, or an easy understood way, called “energy cultivation” is a systematic exercise of breathing and movement practiced for you to maintain and… Read more »

What is Qi(气)?

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In traditional Chinese culture, qi(气), also called chi, is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi(气) is frequently translated as “energy flow”, and is often compared to Western notions of energeia orélan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic notion of prana and pranayama. The literal translation of “qi” is air, breath,… Read more »

Benefits of Qigong (气功)

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There are numerous Benefits of Qigong(气功). Qigong(气功) is a kind of exercise and meditation that help us to stay healthy both physically and mentally by improving our life-force cultivation. Benefits of Qigong have been experienced directly by many centuries of Chinese qigong practitioners and, more recently, have attracted scientific studies around world. More and more… Read more »

Chinese Flash Cards

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Flash cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition. By some Kids Chinese Podcast members’ request, Kids Chinese Podcast added a new feature, PDF downloadable and printable Chinese Flash Cards to help you learn Chinese. For each Kids Chinese Podcast Chinese lesson, the Chinese Flash Cards provide… Read more »

Mandarin Chinese Lessons

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Are you looking for Mandarin Chinese Lessons? Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are recommended by many Chinese instructors and learners. The goal of Kids Chinese Podcast is to make learning the Chinese language easy and fun, while also help you learn Chinese culture and current issues by the Mandarin Chinese lessons. I believe… Read more »